• Vandalism at its worst

    Vandalism at its worst

    We received an emergency call from a distraught commercial property manager needing us asap to remove dried powder from fire extinguishers vandals had sprayed throughout their building. And, it needs to be done before their employees come back to work Monday morning. 21 crew members and nine hours later, the property was good as new,

  • Your home plumbing checkup

    Your home plumbing checkup

    Try these DIY prevention tips to stop plumbing problems before they can develop. Plumbing issues can lead to sky-high water bills — not to mention major structural damage to your home. A small leak could waste tens of thousands of gallons of water each year and result in much larger headaches. Use these tips to

  • What not to store in the garage

    What not to store in the garage

    What’s safe in your garage – and what should be kept elsewhere. Skis. Bikes. Sports balls of all sorts. A lawnmower. Old toys. It’s easy for a garage to turn into a catchall storage unit. For most items that’s fine, but some things simply don’t belong in a garage, and they can even become a home

  • Reduce sewer or drain losses in your basement

    Reduce sewer or drain losses in your basement

    How to reduce backups and floods downstairs, plus storage tips for the lower level. No one wants to experience sewer backups in the home. Like many questions regarding home maintenance, when it comes to sewer problems, prevention is the best solution. Considering how much damage can be caused by water in your basement, it makes

  • Prepare your home for rain

    Prepare your home for rain

    You can’t stop showers, but you can prepare your home and surroundings for thunderstorms, severe winds and more. Let it flow. Remove winter’s debris from your gutters, drains, and downspouts so that heavy rains can flow freely off your roof. Be sure that downspouts are secure and that water is draining well away from your home

  • Orange County Restoration Services – COVID-19

    Orange County Restoration Services – COVID-19

    24-7 Orange County and Neighboring Counties Emergency Restoration Services. We want you to know that we are in this with you and here to help. As the environment continues to change, and additional containment measures go into effect, we want to assure you that Orange County Restoration Services is committed to protecting the health and

  • Odor Removal and Cleanup Services

    Odor Removal and Cleanup Services

    So you’ve got a smell Maybe it’s intense mold or a big bloodstain. Even if you have no idea where it came from, but you definitely want it gone, we feel for you. Bad smells are not something you want in your house, whether you’re preparing your home for sale or rent or just living

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