Orange County Restoration Services is Applied Structural Drying (ASD) certified. This means we have the advanced training, experience, and specialty equipment to dry residential, commercial, and industrial buildings completely – resorting to reconstruction only when absolutely necessary.

Structural Drying Techniques Can Totally Eliminate Water Damage.

Water damage can be controlled if addressed quickly and effectively. Whether from excessive rainfall or a broken pipe, water can generate numerous damages in your residential and commercial structures. Water that has not been thoroughly removed from your floors, walls, and contents promotes wood rotting, weakens the structural integrity of your space, and creates perfect places for mold to manifest.

What is Applied Structural Drying?

Drying a water loss can be as simple as installing a fan and letting the area dry in place, or as complex as a fully occupied hotel. We have experience with both. Our Applied Structural Drying certification permits us to dry structures in place without demolition, as long as there is no mold.  Cleaning up Sewage and Bio-Hazards situations can cause substantial health concerns and liability exposure for building occupants. All work should only be addressed by qualified personnel such as our trained technicians.

Mold Remediation is much more difficult than just cutting out the affected materials and throwing them away. Inexperienced technicians or laborers not trained or certified can easily cross contaminate larger areas and easily miss affected materials causing further damage and health or liability concerns. All our technicians are fully trained to all the IICRC guidelines and standards of the industry.

What Happens During Structural Drying?

Orange County Restoration Services follows a set of principles when they are facing a structural drying project:

  • They must actively extract the water with special tools
  • Use air movers to evaporate moisture
  • Dehumidify the air to prevent secondary damages (e.g. wood rotting and mold)
  • Maintain the ideal temperature for evaporation and dehumidification
  • They must understand the complexities of construction and how to find and remove water that has migrated into these areas without performing demolition.

Because of today’s technology, we can now eliminate water without the need to remove your walls or your floors. We use hi-tech equipment, like dehumidifiers and air movers, to dry the space, use scientifically proven methods that help quicken the drying process, and utilize techniques that use less manipulation of contents.

If you need professional water or fire damage restorers and live in Southern California, please call 949-877-9697 and we, at Orange County Restoration Services, will immediately respond to your call! Our services also include Fire & Smoke Restoration, Contents Cleaning, Odor and Sewage Removal, Mold Testing & Remediation, Rebuild, and more!


With over 30 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next emergency, project or rebuild. We are a locally owned and operated family business. We provide professional restoration services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.


  • Will my insurance company pay to put my home back the way it was?

    Some insurance companies are more focused on saving money than putting client’s homes back together; that’s where we come in. We are experts in negotiating with your insurance company to make sure your insurance pays every penny necessary to put your home back the way it was.

  • We had a fire in our house and the walls feel sticky, what is that?

    Some fires, such as kitchen fires, or anything containing plastic, or resin, will create a very sticky type of soot that must be cleaned with specific products and applicators.

  • What happens if something in our home, like our counters or cabinets, need to be removed to get to the mold or water, how do we know our insurance will cover it?

    We always make sure we have insurance company approval before performing the work.

  • Why does everybody make such a big deal about mold?

    Most people don’t understand the severity of mold and the types of complications and problems mold can create. And not everyone is allergic to the same mold. Most people don’t realize they have a reaction to mold until it already has happened.

  • Why do we need to hire a Contents Packing Company to pack our belongings instead of doing it ourselves?

    When there is a water, fire or mold loss in your home, homeowners have a lot on their plate and to focus on. Typically your insurance company will approve and cover the cost of an approved Contents company to pack, clean and store your belongings. Many times some of the contents in your home are damaged, so having a professional company document the damage is crucial for your insurance company to cover the loss.

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