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Contents Cleaning, Packing and Restoring

In times of emergency when homes or buildings are damaged, a speedy response is key. Orange County Restoration Services, Inc. can come to your aid, providing all facets of personal property relocation, and storage. We provide aid to property owners, by providing turnkey solutions, and getting people’s lives stabilized and back to normal as efficiently and safely as possible.

The loss that is experienced by individuals when a personal or sentimental item is misplaced in the wake of a catastrophe is difficult to comprehend. Handling all items with care ensures that the businesses and families who lose these items understand they are being handled safely and are stored with proper care and consideration during the restoration process.

We provide a full list of Contents Services including:

  • Packout of contents when emergencies happen
  • Pack back after reconstruction
  • Cleaning of contents affected by fire, sewage, mold, or water
  • Preparing a “Total Loss Inventory” for adjusters to get clients compensated for items damaged beyond repair
  • Cleaning of electronics, fabrics, furniture, textiles, art, appliances, home electronics, clothing, and rugs
  • Restoration of documents and photographs

Recovering from disastrous situations can be a stressful and worrisome process. At Orange County Restoration Services, we help by working with all parties, easing the distress that comes with recovery. Our services also include Fire & Smoke Restoration, Water & Flood Restoration, Odor & Sewage Removal, Mold Testing & Remediation, Rebuild, and more!


With over 30 years experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next emergency, project or rebuild. We are a locally owned and operated family business. We provide professional restoration services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.


  • Will my insurance company pay to put my home back the way it was?

    Some insurance companies are more focused on saving money than putting client’s homes back together; that’s where we come in. We are experts in negotiating with your insurance company to make sure your insurance pays every penny necessary to put your home back the way it was.

  • We had a fire in our house and the walls feel sticky, what is that?

    Some fires, such as kitchen fires, or anything containing plastic, or resin, will create a very sticky type of soot that must be cleaned with specific products and applicators.

  • What happens if something in our home, like our counters or cabinets, need to be removed to get to the mold or water, how do we know our insurance will cover it?

    We always make sure we have insurance company approval before performing the work.

  • Why does everybody make such a big deal about mold?

    Most people don’t understand the severity of mold and the types of complications and problems mold can create. And not everyone is allergic to the same mold. Most people don’t realize they have a reaction to mold until it already has happened.

  • Why do we need to hire a Contents Packing Company to pack our belongings instead of doing it ourselves?

    When there is a water, fire or mold loss in your home, homeowners have a lot on their plate and to focus on. Typically your insurance company will approve and cover the cost of an approved Contents company to pack, clean and store your belongings. Many times some of the contents in your home are damaged, so having a professional company document the damage is crucial for your insurance company to cover the loss.

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